Propane Gas Range Stove Infrared Burner Tempered Glass Cooktop

stainless steel burners with porcelain caps/ iron caps,three burners,stainless steel hairline finish body,heavy-duty portable tabletop cooking power, give you more cooking options.

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Product Details

infrared burner Tempered Glass Cooktop gas range

Two energy efficient infrared burners,Tempered glass cooktop,stainless steel body,black plastic knob switch,practical and deluxe.Auto ignition,easy to use.

- 2 infrared burners

- Superior glass top

- Anti-rust treated frame and steel body

- Automatic ignition system

- energy efficient infrared burners

Size:  67x40.5x16CM

N.W:  8.2KGS

Burner/Cap:  Cast Iron/Infrared-φ135/135

Packing Size:  70x42.5x13.5CM


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