Out-Door Portable Explore Gas Cooker Bigger Burner LPG Stove

Out-Door Portable Explore Gas Cooker Bigger Burner LPG Stove

Individual burner stove on stand with separate heat control burning up to 150000BTU,

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Product Details


PORTABILITY - Portable cast iron one burner beer brewing burner, Sturdy and durable design, Made of cast iron long lasting and good for projects

HIGH HEAT OUTPUT- 200,000 BTU; Fully adjustable heat-control knob (Paint Chipping after use is perfectly normal, There is no paint that will withstand 200,000btu at the moment), Power with control

CONVENIENT- Removable and Height Adjustable legs, Air Valve Controllable to have consistent clean blue flame, Comes with high pressure regulator and hose for propane tank connection

HEAVY-DUTY- Specialty designed for for Beer Brewing but can be used for camping, fishing, outdoor cooking, emergency preparedness, etc.Strong and long lasting


- Capable of supporting 60 qt stockpots

- Stand has detachable legs for easy storage.

- Manual ignition



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