The Main Reasons For The Small Flame And Its Elimination Are As Follows:

- Sep 07, 2017 -

(1) Gas stove in cooking food, I have to roll over the logistics or foreign bodies into the fire hole, the burner hole blocked, so that gas and air mixture outflow blocked, the fire small and powerless. The elimination method is that the burner can be removed to clean up the blocked fire hole, and clean with water. After the treatment of such a burner, its small flame failure can generally be excluded;

(2) The gas source is running out. The use of LPG gas stoves, the cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas in the fast-running, due to insufficient pressure or too much residual liquid in the bottle and other reasons, will also make the burning flame very small. At this time, new cylinders should be replaced;

(3) pressure reducing valve nozzle or gas stove nozzle plug. When the pressure relief valve or burner nozzle is blocked, the gas jet is not smooth and the combustion flame is weak. The elimination method is to dredge the nozzle with fine steel wire;

(4) angle valve to pass through small, at this time can open large angle valve;

(5) The pressure of the rubber tube flat or bending volume small. If the hose bend when the flow is blocked, can be straightened hose, if the hose compressed, can replace the new;

(6) The use of pipeline burner gas stoves, but also may be due to small pipe diameter, corrosion blockage in the tube caused by small flame phenomenon. It can be solved by contacting gas company.

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