Research And Development Of Gas Stove

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Historically, the first gas cooker to be developed was the Frenchman 菲利普·鲁本, who obtained a patent on September 21, 1799 for the use of gas lighting and heating devices. The next year, Reuben spent his money on equipment in a Parisian restaurant. As Reuben developed a gas stove that smelled bad, it was not popular at the beginning and was not popularized. Nevertheless, he continued to study and improve the device with great enthusiasm. On the day of the coronation of Napoleon in 1804, Reuben was killed in a street in Paris and the development of gas stoves was interrupted.

The world's first gas cooker for kitchen cooking was invented by 詹姆斯·夏夫, deputy manager of the British Putunvas Company, in 1826. He put his inventive gas stove in his kitchen and used it for barbecue cooking. This is a vertical stove, made up of hooks hanging from the ceiling for hanging meat and the ring-shaped fire below. No pot stove.

The first to buy gas stoves is the Leamington Bus hotel in France. 1834, the bus hotel with gas stoves for 100 people to cook dinner, not only the food taste delicious, and not a little gas odor, is a very ideal stove. In the summer of 1836, a 35-worker factory in Northampton, England, specializes in producing gas stoves.

1852, the use of the gas burning device and stove combined with the stove began to sell. In 1915, a gas stove with thermostat control began to appear.

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