Prospect Of Gas Stove Development

- Sep 07, 2017 -

At present, the most mainstream gas stove in China is an open flame gas stove, also known as atmospheric stove. With the influence of technological innovation and market competition, the atmospheric stove has also introduced the concepts of direct fire and rotating fire, and from the structure of the furnace head, there is a first-class concept of concentric furnace head and SABAF furnace. The mainstream of cooker competition is firepower size, energy saving or not.

Low flame stove, infrared cooker has sprung up, low flame stove flame height is only the only. 5mm, but it has a heat load of up to 4.5km, carbon monoxide content is below 0.02%, general infrared gas stove heat load at 2.8KW, infrared energy-saving cooker heat load up to 3.9KW, carbon monoxide emissions of only 0.03 %, therefore, can see energy-saving, environmental protection, strong firepower, not smoking pot and other characteristics of the inevitable trend of development of the cooker, low flame stoves, infrared cooker and other firepower, carbon monoxide content of low energy-saving environmental protection cooker will become the market's favorite.

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