Gas Stove Breakthrough Stage

- Sep 07, 2017 -

(1990-2006): The variety increases, the style is complete.

After 1990, China and the world economy entered a stage of rapid development. China's gas and fuel industry has entered a period of rapid growth. The introduction of foreign advanced development and manufacturing technology has brought about a breakthrough in the cause of China's burning equipment.

Domestic gas cooker varieties increased, fashionable, security enhancements, material, function and performance have improved. In the production of quality and reliability, process level, automation and intelligent degree, performance indicators of advanced, energy-saving and environmental protection, safe use and other aspects have improved.

The material of the cooker basically eliminated the cast iron. Stainless steel panels, surface spraying non-stick oil coating materials, tempered glass panels in the cooker occupies an important position, ceramic panels also unique.

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