What should I do when I meet a gas stove and never catch fire?

- Sep 07, 2017 -

If you encounter a gas stove is not fire, you should follow the following procedures to check: First of all, check whether the gas source switch is in the open state, if in the open state, then second, check whether the connection hose has folded flat or bending, if not broken flat or bending, then, finally, pick up a pot rack, see if the ignition nozzle is ablaze:

1 if not, then see whether the discharge needle discharge A, if the discharge needle does not discharge, indicating that the discharge needle fault, should replace the discharge needle. b, if the discharge needle discharge, indicating that the valve body failure, should replace the valve body.

2 If the fire: A, if the normal combustion, indicating that the igniter position is high, should instruct the user to gently lower the igniter, and then put the pot rack can. b, if the flames, but the flame is too weak to reach the stove head, it is the gas pressure is too low, liquefied gas stove users suggested that the replacement of new pressure valve, coal gas and natural gas should be reflected to the gas company. C, if the fire, and flame can reach the cover, but is not fire, indicating that the valve block, guide the user with fine wire to clear the nozzle.

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