The main causes of ignition failure are:

- Sep 07, 2017 -

(1) The battery voltage is not enough, the general battery life is six months to one year, should replace the battery in time;

(2) High-voltage output wire is penetrated or cracked, resulting in leakage, can be replaced by new wire to remove the fault;

(3) Electrode needle because too much fouling, weak discharge caused ignition failure, should be cleaned frequently, keep the electrode needle clean;

(4) The electrode needle and the ignition bracket distance is improper, will discharge is weaker or does not discharge, should adjust its distance to 3--4mm;

(5) Ignition Circuit board damage, should be replaced in a timely manner;

(6) Piezoelectric ceramic igniter general life expectancy is relatively long, can be more than 30,000 consecutive fire, but in the life span, will also appear to be able to play the phenomenon;

(7) Hammer Spring is unable to impact piezoelectric ceramic can not produce sparks, should replace the spring;

(8) The ignition mechanism is loose and unable to ignite, then tighten the mechanism element;

(9) Because the electrode has dirt, the electrode and grounding discharge terminals between the distance between the displacement can not be ignited, by wiping the electrode, adjust the distance between the electrode fish terminal to 3-4mm and fastening good troubleshooting;

(10) with flameout protection device, the successful ignition of the release knob Flame will be extinguished, because at this time the device is in working condition, you can wait a few seconds after the gas burning to release the knob can.

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