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If the gas flow into the burner is constantly reduced, that is, the air velocity is decreasing, the blue cone is getting lower, finally, because the air velocity is less than the flame propagation speed, the flame will shrink into the burner, called tempering. When the combustion produces tempering, a tempering noise appears first, and then the combustion in the pipeline near the nozzle will generate noise. Suddenly close the valve, as the flame quenching will also occur backfire noise, coke oven gas than natural gas and LPG more easily produce backfire noise. Adjust the wind plate through the big, so that the air coefficient is too large, easy to cause tempering, through the adjustment of the adjustable wind plate can be excluded. Gas source pipeline, pressure reducing valve, burner nozzle, fire son l was rice scum, carbon black or other substances blocked, liquefied gas cylinders in the pressure is insufficient, will make the gas flow rate reduced, resulting in tempering, can be cleaned by dirt, inflatable to avoid. The nozzle is not positive or the nozzle aperture is eccentric, which causes the gas injection to be obstructed and cause tempering. At this point, the gas nozzle should be corrected centerline or replace nozzle. Gas burning time is too long, the temperature of the ejector tube and nozzle is too high, will accelerate the flame burning speed and produce tempering, at this time can be closed gas, let the ejector tube and nozzle cooling after the ignition again.

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