Special Precautions for Cooktop/Gas Stove/Gas Cooker

- Jun 22, 2018 -

1,Do not use the gas other than type specified on the label attached.(Do not use with natural gas)

2,The unit is to be used for cooking only,to prevent any accidents,do not dry towels,clothes etc.over it.

3.Avoid covering the flame with a plate or putting any inflammable materials such as paper or clothes around the unit.

4.Outdoor use only.DO NOT use this product indoors.

5.Do not use a vinyl hose.It is liable to be softened by heat,use only a rubber rubing.

6,Do not use a worn-out rubber rubing,as it may be cracked and is not sufficiently elastic at both ends,Such tubing is liable to cause gas leakage.

7.Ensure that the rubber tubing does not touch parts of the unit nor lies underneath it.

8.While in use,do not go out or go to bed,be sure to turn off the ignition knob and the stopcock of the cylinder after use.

when going to bed or going out.be sure that they are turned off.

9.If abnorma; combustion is observed while in use,turn off the stopcock at once and examine the unit and refer to the "trouble shooting guide"

10.avoid touching the burner trivet,tray,ect...immediately after use or while in use.

11.if a gas leak is found,turn off the stopcock,open all the windows and call your dealer to repair it.refrain from turning electric switch on or off.lighting a match,or using a lighter on any other equipment wich could ignite the gas

12.if the cooker is used with an inferior or demaged regulator,an abnormal gas pressure will be applied on the gas cooker,the causing incomplete combustion or other troubles with the gas cooker,use a suitable gas regulator in consultation with your gas dealer

13. if you suspect the unit is faulty.do not use it but call your dealer


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