HOW TO USE Tempered Glass Top Stainless Steel Table Top Gas Cooker/Gas Stove

- Jun 22, 2018 -

1,Turning on the unit

 please ensure the ignition knob is in the "OFF"positio then turn on the stop-cock of gas cylinder at full.

 push the ignition knob and turn it to the left untill a click is heard.1.png

 make sure that the burner has been lit.

 when the unit is used after having been left unused for a considerable period,

 the burner can fail to ignite,this is because air has been trapped in the rubber tubing.

 Repeat turning the ignition knob a few times until gas comes trough.

2.Flame adjustment

 To adjust the flame,turn the gas control knob between"ON" and "OFF"position.

 The flame can easily be adjusted to any degree from"high" to"low"by adjusting the knob to the desired position in one action


3,Correct Flame adjustment

 After the gas has been ignited,adjust the air damper inside the gas table until slightly rounded,vigorous blue flames.


4.Turing off the unit

 Turn the ignition knob to its orignal position without pressing it

 Do not fail to completely turn off the stopcock of the gas cylinder after use.

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