How to choose a safe gas stove?

- Sep 07, 2017 -

First of all, the stove has only one ignition pin embedded gas stove is unqualified products, do not buy.

Second, if the purchase is a double needle embedded gas stove, you can use water to extinguish the gas stove, if the gas stove can not be in 60 seconds automatically cut off gas, the same is not qualified products.

Experts recommend that in the selection of gas stoves, must pay attention to the stove has a good after-sales service, and the appearance of the cooker should be neatly packaged, signs complete; In addition, the name of the products on the cooker, the use of gas types, gas rated pressure, manufacturer name, production date is not less.

Choose a safe gas stove is responsible for the family, but also the responsibility for life!

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