Gas Stove purchase common sense safety and environmental protection is the selection criteria

- Sep 07, 2017 -

Gas stove is not good, the key to see the stove head. The stove head has "the stove Heart" the name. As the core part of the cooker, the cost of the furnace head occupies 1/3 of the total cost. And the different way of the cooker, it relates to the safety, power and energy-saving performance of the cooker.

The air inlet mode of the embedded gas stove head is divided into two kinds: "Progressive wind" and "non-full upward wind". One of the best way to enter the wind is "progressive wind." At present, the main use of the Italian Sabaf is a professional "progressive wind" type furnace head manufacturers. Experts say: "This way of the furnace has a reliable safety-glass panels will not be caused by the tempering of the explosion, cleanliness is strong, to maintain a healthy atmosphere of the environment is also very useful." However, its intake is slightly smaller, the furnace head heat load is difficult to meet the high standard requirements. Experts also said that the current domestic majority of the so-called "progressive wind" type of cooker is not really a completely closed "upward wind."

Non-complete upward winds include: "Side into the Wind", "Backward Wind", "down into the Wind", "three-dimensional into the wind" and so on, the characteristics are large firepower, and the size of firepower can be adjusted to meet the needs of the people, the disadvantage is cleanliness, especially the existence of security risks, the possibility of tempering tempered glass

The mainstream of the development of the embedded gas stove and the direction should be fully motivated wind burner, which has become the consensus of the industry experts, mainly because of its cleanliness, safety, environmental protection, representative furnace head for the Italian Sabaf. However, completely progressive wind embedded gas stove firepower is generally small, heat flux is generally only 3. Around 1kw, the center of the small fire can not be used alone, the consumer after a period of time, feeling "see not used."

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