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The normal combustion flame of gas is light blue. When a lack of air, because hydrocarbons in high temperature, hypoxia conditions, the decomposition of the formation of solid carbon particles, like fog dispersed in the gas, the carbon particles when burning, will present a bright yellowish flame, known as flame. Cooker valve to go through large, excessive gas, the air is not enough, will appear Huang, you can increase the speed of the air plate opening, increasing the air area, the flame will be yellow into blue. The ejector tube has rust or debris, will affect the ejection force and produce yellow fireworks, at this time remove the ejector to remove dirt, and then put the burner installed, you can exclude flame. The nozzle and the ejector tube will also cause flame, the burner position should be adjusted so that the two centers are on the same axis. The use of liquefied petroleum gas users, when the cylinder inside the gas quickly run out, because the bottle of the reorganization of high content, not suitable for gasification, burning need air, will appear flame, should be timely inflatable. For the use of natural gas, but also with liquefied petroleum gas as a standby gas source, in the use of gas peaks prone to flame, mainly because of the gas peak when the composition of liquefied petroleum gas caused by instability, can only be coordinated by the gas Operation department to resolve.

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