Energy-saving use of gas stove

- Sep 07, 2017 -

1, the cooker should be placed in the shelter, or increase the wind, to prevent the flames from the bottom of the pot.

2, to adjust the size of the inlet, so that the gas full combustion, burning flame should be blue.

3, fully do the preparatory work before cooking, to prevent "hanging fire."

4, soup, stew, should first with a fire to boil, and then with a small heat to keep the pot away without overflow can be.

5, reasonable use of the shelves of the cooker, its height should make the flame Wei contact the bottom of the pot, so that the highest combustion efficiency.

6, according to the size of the pot to adjust the size of the fire, so that the flame with the pot, pot bottom contact after slightly curved, the flames lick the bottom is advisable.

7, the use of large diameter pan than the tip of the pot to save gas.

8, cooking as far as possible without steaming method, rice time is 3 times times the time to stew rice.

9, the first pot, pot surface water stains wiped clean and then put to the fire, so that heat energy to the pot, to save gas.

10, the closer to boiling water, the need for more heat, the consumption of more gas, so in the hot, do not boil water, and then water, can be directly burned to the required temperature, this can save gas.

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